Your event at the Athenaeum

‘Radu Beligan’ Grand Hall

<<… they needed a Spiridon and they chose me, because it was already common knowledge that I was into drama. And so, I played ‘A Stormy Night’ at the Tătărași Atheneum, with them. I was 12 years old when I made my professional debut.>> – Radu Beligan

‘Radu Beligan’ Grand Hall, inaugurated in October 2016, has been completely renovated and now complies with the highest aesthetic standards and safety requirements. The hall has a capacity of 270 seats and is perfect for plays, concerts and other events such as awards galas, celebrations.

Also, starting with October 20, 2017, Cinema Ateneu was inaugurated, being the first state cinema opened since 1989 in Iași. It is equipped with the best technical conditions, including 3D films. The best Romanian and European films, awarded and appreciated internationally, are brought to the Iași public.

The Foyer

Iași National Atheneum’s Foayer has undergone a series of renovations and was turned, in 2017, from a storage room inaccessible to the public into the perfect setting to host the Atheneum Museum.

In 2019, the Foyer was rebranded and, as of 15 December 2020, art lovers may find here the ‘The Pinacotheque of Jassy’, an exhibition that includes over 100 works of art by famous Romanian painters, numerous sculptures and a letter written by and signed in the handwriting of the great sculptor Constantin Brâncuși.

The foyer is an ideal setting for cocktail events or lectures, book launch events, presentations, openings, recitals.

Hosting up to 100 people, the foyer is the perfect setting for cultural events.

Gallery Venue

The Gallery Venue, located on the first floor, hosts as many as 100 people and is ideal for various events: conferences, congresses, symposia, product presentations, book launch events, exhibitions, openings.

Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop Terrace is an unconventional venue which may host as many as 150 guests. It is the ideal choice for events such as audio-visual projections, stand-up comedy shows, theatrical events, private events.

The Summer Garden 

Recently inaugurated and turned from a bric-à-brac storage space into a real piece of heaven, it is suitable for the most beautiful ideas of outdoor events.

With a capacity of 150 seats, it may be used for the most successful book launch events, press conferences, vocal-instrumental recitals, plays, concerts, meetings, video screenings, conferences and other types of events.

‘Serghei Kotorobai’ Ballet and Dance Hall

Inaugurated in January 2017, it is one of the most modern halls in Romania. Reopened in the presence of Master Serghei Kotorobai, the ballet and dance hall catches the viewer’s eye both through its aesthetic details and though its technical facilities. Located on the second floor, the ballet and dance hall is the most suitable room for rehearsals, yoga, zumba or pilates classes. The hall is waiting for its old and new students to find their way to stardom!

The Royal Art Gallery

The Royal Art Gallery of the Atheneum in Iași, inaugurated by Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia of Romania on 17 May 2017, hosts monthly exhibitions of paintings, graphics and photographs, enriching the cultural agenda of Iași City with unique openings that introduce the visitors to the secrets of arts. The gallery is located in the space connecting the Atheneum Foyer to the Rooftop Terrace and may host as many as 49 works of art.

Small Art Gallery

The Small Art Gallery was inaugurated on 29 March 2018 in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania and Senator Iulia Scântei. At the time of its opening, it hosted a collection of photographs and articles from French and Romanian newspapers on the theme of the French Military Mission – Berthelot and the Royal Family of Romania.

Towards the end of 2018, the The Pinacotheque of Jassy was expanded to host 25 works of art and now has permanent thematic exhibitions related to the events held in our institution.

Old Gallery

Inaugurated on May 18, during the national event called ‘Museum Night’, the Old Gallery is located in the basement of the Atheneum. With an appearance inspired by the industrial design current, the venue provides various exhibition solutions, and its elegant appearance creates a warm and welcoming location.
The basic exhibition that can be visited and admired in this venue, in a semi-permanent regime, is ‘Culture of the Industry of Iași’, photos by Andrei Cucu. This photography exhibition was put together with the support of the photographer artist Andrei Cucu and that of ‘Ștefan Procopiu’ Museum of Science and Technology.

Romantic Park

The inauguration of the Romantic Park – the interwar theme park – took place on 5 June 2017, on International Environment Day. The park in front of the National Atheneum is open to the public and those who want to wait for the start of events in a relaxing atmosphere, flipping through magazines and newspapers of that period, in an elegant and pampering setting.