‘Union through Culture’ Tour

The ‘UNITY THROUGH CULTURE’ National Tour project is the continuation of a 2017 initiative called ‘The Atheneum of Iași in the Towns of Moldova’, which is based on a common practice when the Atheneum of Iași was first created, namely that of sharing its cultural events with the inhabitants of the other provinces of Romania, against the background of the unification of Greater Romania, the end goal being the unity ‘in thought and feelings’ and, if I might add, in culture. The tour started due to an acute demand for cultural-artistic events in towns near the capital of Moldova, some of which were deprived of this essential aspect of community development, and others being eager to host the Atheneum actors.

Therefore, according to spectators’ wishes, we started this tour in the fall of 2018 and did not stop in our region, but went beyond its borders all over the country and even abroad.

After the 127 performances in over 100 localities in all counties of the country and the Romanian historical regions outside the current borders, held in 2019, the year 2020 made it difficult for the project to continue.


However, in 2020, the National Atheneum in Iași made 12 trips in the Moldova region, causing distanced spectators to smile and not lose their hope, both in culture houses and in venues adapted for play performance, from classrooms to gyms, from stages improvised on football fields or children’s playgrounds, thus testing the adaptability of the organizers to the new conditions.

The Atheneum in Iași had its 4th consecutive attendance of ‘Grigore Vasiliu Birlic’ International Youth Theater Festival in Fălticeni, held between 17 and 23 August 2020, where it performed 3 plays.

In September, the Atheneum in Iași celebrated the 100th anniversary with the village of Avântu, commune of Românești, through a series of artistic events. The young actors of the Atheneum played two shows for the numerous spectators in the village, to the delight of the children and to the amusement of the adults.

In October, the National Atheneum in Iași when to 8 towns and communes in Iași and Suceava counties, within a project funded by the Ministry of Culture. The beneficiaries of this project were the school students in the 8 localities, who attended the shows free of charge.

Athenaeum on tour – 2018

In 2018, the soul project of the institution – “Athenaeum on tour” – took place in 39 cities and towns, with approx. 10,000 spectators at the 56 performances.

The Athenaeum of Iași in the Towns of Moldova – 2017

‘The Atheneum of Iași in the Towns of Moldova’ is a project that came into being in the summer of 2017, as a result of the extremely positive reactions enjoyed by the ‘Atheneum in the City’ project. Over 5,000 people attended the shows that our team performed in various symbolic locations in Iași, thus confirming the public’s preference for outdoor events.

The city of Dorohoi hosted, on the pedestrian street of the Union, the performances  ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Watch our, we’re landing!’

The applause received in Botoșani gave us the energy to climb new peaks.

The team of the Atheneum conquered the Citadel of Suceava…

… but also the Iulius Mall shopping complex.

Successful performances of the plays ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Watch our, we’re landing!’ at the ‘Grigore Vasiliu Birlic’ Cultural Center in Fălticeni, during the 7th edition of the ‘Grigore Vasiliu Birlic’ International Performance Festival.