Un bărbat și cam multe femei

Directed by: Erica Moldovan and Denisa Cernat

It is a Russian-flavored comedy that accurately describes the Sisyphean journey of a poor man in a world ruled by women. From wife, to principals, neighbors, office colleagues, train or tram passengers, poets, Arkadii Semionovici has to face 11 distinct, colorful, frothy female personalities.
The comedy is born from the real drama of the main character, whose life is complicated and rolls like a snowball, under the eyes of the spectators. Arkadii Semionovici finally breaks through in this matriarchy, and even manages to conquer it!
We invite you to watch a frothy comedy, full of truths, with 13 characters of a fabulous color, directed by Erica Moldovan and Denisa Cernat!