Să vezi ce te spun lu’ mama

Reply what scares any married man, especially if he knows he is afraid. The text is a modern adaptation of the well-known play “The Tailor of the Ladies” by Georges Feydeau. A boulevard comedy about married life endangered by various lovers. This chain of love weaknesses is interrupted by the unannounced and dreaded appearance of his mother-in-law, who comes to solve the situation.

Love intersections seem to never end, and lovers are one by one exposed and penalized. In all this amorous and twisted landscape we also meet Etienne (a boy in the house) who fights hard to resolve all conflicts and, on the other hand, Bassinet, who confuses all the threads. The novelty of this partnership program between the National Athenaeum of Iași and the “Octav Băncilă” National College of Art in Iași.

Most of the performers are students in the acting department, but they manage to match the performance acting game. We leave it to you to “judge” their performance, if you have time, amidst laughter.

Molineaux – Sebastian Pricop
Bassinet – Iulian Lungu
Mrs. Agriville – Alexandra Paftala
Etienne – Gelu Ciobotaru
Aubin – Andrei Piu
Suzanne – Mălina Balcan
Yvonne – Daria Spetcu
Rosa – Cosmina Gherasă