Romeo and Juliet… Making of


date: 26 February 2017

run time: one hour

The press debate, later called “of retheatricalization”, in addition to his poetic works, his plays and stage productions, contributes to a crucial moment in the history of Romanian theatre, fervently supported by Ion Sava, through articles, conferences, texts and shows, in the idea of a radical reform in line with the modern theatre movement. Ion Sava’s plays are rather “ars dramatica”, meditations on theatre, having what the exegesis called “a double continuity of living and ratiocination” between character and actor: “What for you is an illusion that must be created, is for us our only reality. ” (Pirandello)

The National Athenaeum in Iaşi offers you an exceptional premiere, “Romeo and Juliet… making of”, based on the comedy “The Trunk” by Ion Sava.

Shipped by a “colonials and delicatessen” business in Verona, a mysterious, old trunk that looks like it has been pulled from the bottom of the sea, disturbs the rehearsals for the next premiere, “Romeo and Juliet”. The papyrus that accompanies the package announces that inside are the bodies of the two lovers from the Shakespearean tragedy, as an alchemist from the Middle Ages managed to preserve the bodies of the two youngsters from Verona. The rehearsal turns into a circus, but we dare not call it that, because circus is a space in which the actors risk their lives, while in theatre only the vanity of the actors is at risk. Finally, the box is opened and another show begins. A play within a play.

The desire of the actors to arouse the interest and applause of others, which a form of egotism with nuances of Bovarism, Erostratism, Don-Juanism and many other “-isms”, makes the show a praise of the actor’s vanity, insofar as it can be a sort of motor for creation. However, the concrete manifestations of this vanity are often hilarious as actors are a very special bunch of people and paradoxically a shy, extremely sensitive community.

«The show “Romeo and Juliet… making of”, based on the comedy “The Trunk” by Ion Sava, proposes a contrasting perspective between the superficiality, convenience and hypocrisy of a reality of a too-well-known actuality, and the depth, sensitivity and naturalness of love present in each of us, but which, out of carelessness or haste, we have somewhat forgot.

A play of remembrance that each of us once lived the wonderful love story of the of Romeo and Juliet!»

(Alexandru Radu Petrescu, director)


Actor Romeo – Claudiu Vrabie / Vlad Baba

Actress Juliet – Erica Moldovan

Juliet – Alexandra Macovei

Romeo – Gelu Ciobotaru

The Manager – Codrin Danila

Director’s assistant- Cezara Fantu

Ferrucio – Răzvan Grosu / Andrei Ciobanu

Props Manager – Mariana Dumitrache / Ana Hegyi

Doctor – Daniel Onoae

Commissioner – Dumitru Florescu