Prince Charming

Directed by Erica Moldovan

Premiere: June 15, 2020

Duration: one hour and 15 minutes

“Făt Frumos din Lacrimă” is one of the emblematic fairy tales of Romanian culture. First published in the magazine “Convorbiri literare”, since the student years of the great poet Mihai Eminescu, “Făt Frumos din Lacrimă” reiterates the eternal conflict between good and evil, the main theme being the initiatory path of the young emperor’s son. The show “Făt Frumos din Lacrima” completes the portfolio of shows dedicated to young audiences, thus bringing back to the children’s attention a masterpiece of national literature.

We chose the premiere date for June 15, to commemorate 131 years since the disappearance of the great national poet. The Athenaeum team enthusiastically embraced the work on this show! We want to offer children a show worked in a way specific to the National Athenaeum in Iasi, a way we are already used to: full of professionalism, joy, color. The cast includes the entire team of actors who masterfully perform their scores. Although we are going through a difficult period for the cultural environment and not only, we respond with optimism to these challenges and we gladly invite you to watch the production “Beautiful Boy in Tears” of the National Athenaeum in Iasi.

Cast: Gelu Ciobotaru (Handsome Boy), Alexandra Macovei (Ileana), Alexandra Paftală (Genar’s Girl), Dumitru Florescu (Neighbor Emperor), Codrin Dănilă (Boyar), Ana Hegyi (Mother of God and Mother of the Forest), Andrei Ciobanu (Gen ), Daniel Onoae (Emperor), Cezara Fantu (Empress) and Erica Moldovan (Storyteller).

Directed by Erica Moldovan
Assist. Directed by Alexandra Paftală
Choreography: Cristina Todi
Costumes: Alina Dincă Pușcașu
Sets: Cătălin Târziu