Ivan Turbincă


Turbine march, damn it! This is the order of Ivan Turbincă, to the devils he faces in the house of a boyar, on a good night. And the devils will kindly enter Ivan’s purse, because it is blessed by God himself. The devils will enter Ivan’s Turbine voluntarily, out of necessity, just as, later, Death will enter, fooled by the brave Russian soldier. So, we are dealing with a muzzle, perhaps the most cohesive character in Creangă’s wonderful stories. His lust for life is unbridled: he drinks vodka, pulls a beak, plays polka with the devils in hell, takes Death by the nose, takes himself to the map with even St. Peter, but is merciful and kind-hearted, as he even calls it Our Lord from Heaven. And forgive him, always forgive him…

Ivan Turbinca is the story of a mortal who defied Death and became immortal.


Gelu Ciobotaru – Ivan Turbincă
Dumitru Florescu – Saint Peter
Alexandra Paftală – Death
Codrin Dănilă – Captain, Boyar, Devil
Ioana Aciobăniței – Devil, Angel
Mălina Balcan – Devil, Death four
Iuliana Budeanu – Devil
Mariana Dumitrache – A Woman, Devil, Death Two
Florin Gorgos – Soldier, Scaraoțchi
Răzvan Grosu – Soldier, Gavril, Devil, Angel
Mara Lucaci – Devil, Angel, Death three
Iulian Lungu – Soldier, Fool, Devil
Alin Zară – Soldier, Peasant, Devil, Angel
Ioana Sună – Devil

Direction and dramatization: Ion Sapdaru
Choreography: Victoria Bucun
Sets: Cătălin Târziu
Costumes: Alina Dincă-Pușcașu
Assistant director: Ioana Sună