Directed by Erica Moldovan

A comedy by Mimi Brănescu, which bears her signature in every line. A text full of flavor, freshness and humor, which no longer requires any enrichment, but only requires a faithful representation.
The 3 young actors of the National Athenaeum in Iași: Florin Gorgos, Răzvan Grosu and Gelu Ciobotaru are absolutely wonderful in their performances full of consistency and humor.
A dumpster genius, a naive man ready to believe whatever he is told and an individual with multiple personalities are your hosts. Three outlaws, three outcasts of the society meet in a corner of the park, in the middle of the night to debate issues of “world importance, even astronomical”. Only a comedy for black days and white nights can come out of this unique meeting. We invite you to offer you a well-deserved portion of laughter, which will cool you down in this heat!