Iași Youth Orchestra

In 2021, the “Iași Youth Orchestras” was established at the National Athenaeum in Iași, the objective being an initiative that focuses on young instrumentalists, pupils, students and graduates of specialized schools in Iași.

By bringing together the most talented instrumental artists of the city, the Youth Orchestra is an asset in the national representation, but especially international of Iasi, in Festivals and Competitions, concerts and collaborations with various institutions in the country and abroad.

In the local musical landscape, the Youth Orchestra of Iași is in a position of complementarity, filling the need for orchestral concert performances created by addressing the specific repertoires of the orchestras of the “Moldova” Philharmonic Iasi and the Romanian National Opera Iasi, on the one hand, and , on the other hand, by ensuring a climate of interpretive performance, made by the rigorous selection of the most talented instrumentalists from the orchestras of the National University of Arts “George Enescu” and the National College of Art “Octav Băncilă”.