Mirandolina, a beautiful and clever innkeeper, is in the attention of a poor and conceited marquis, a rich and generous count and a misogynist who, although he declares that he will not get caught in the traps of any woman, gives in to the innkeeper. A comedy of manners and behavior, which has survived for almost 300 years and is still very current, brings to the audience a small piece of the bourgeois world of the eighteenth century, giving you a quality evening sprinkled with laughter and good cheer.

The heroine of this comedy handles cleverly in a web of intrigue and amuses herself with undisguised pleasure by the pranks she plays on unscrupulous suitors. Hangița is the appearance of a honeyed and dangerous woman, and whoever thinks about the character and events of the Knight, will find there a vivid example of humiliated pride and a lesson to flee from danger and not let yourself down when you fall. But, certainly, the love and cunning of women has not changed in the last three centuries, as a result it seems almost impossible not to appreciate this timeless comedy of situation and character, being supported by the lively and colorful character of Mirandolina.

That’s why we are waiting for you to enter the world of characters with us, to laugh at the multitude of unexpected situations that appear continuously and last but not least to discover together who finally wins the heart of our cunning innkeeper.

Hangița – Erica Moldovan / Mara Lucaci
Fabrizio (servant) – Alexandra Paftală / Alin Zară
The Knight of Ripafratta – Mihai Gruia Sandu
Count D’Albafiorita – Gelu Ciobotaru
The Marquis of Forlipopoli – Codrin Dănilă
Hydrangea (actress) – Mara Lucaci / Erica Moldovan
Dejanira (actress) – Mălina Balcan
Servants – Constantin Cristina, Răzvan Stoian
Directed by Florin Simion
Assistant Director: Erica Moldovan
Scenography: Alina Dincă-Pușcașu
Light-Design: Cristian Gabriel Bortoș
Sound: Alexandru Chinez
Graphic Design: Andreea Răileanu