‘Doina Moldovei’ Ensemble

The ‘Doina Moldovei’ Orchestra is one of the dearest projects of the National Atheneum in Iași, which our institution took over in 2019 and will help it grow in the future.

This ensemble, which was founded in 1956 within the Philharmonic Orchestra, is, according to maestro Ion Macovei, the one who had owned the brand since 2005 before assigning it to Atheneum in Iași in 2019, a representative orchestra for Moldova.

During the press conference held at the National Atheneum in Iași in November 2019, maestro Ion Macovei declared that he had joined the orchestra in 1977, where he played with famous maestros, such as conductor Ionel Gotescu, artists Anton Achiţei, Maria Bararu, Nelu Bălăşoiu and many others.

‘The orchestra stopped playing in 1990, and in 2005 I took over the brand. Now I am happy that together with the Atheneum we will continue the journey’, said the maestro.

Pe data de 16 decembrie 2019, Orchestra „Doina Moldovei ” a susținut un concert exrtaordinar sub bagheta dirijorală a conf. Univ. Dr. Cipiran Chițu, în Sala Unirii (Cinema Victoria).

On 16 December 2019, the ‘Doina Moldovei’ Orchestra had an extraordinary concert under the direction of Professor Ph.D. Cipiran Chițu, in the Unification Hall (Victoria Cinema). This inaugural event had special guests, such as Andreea Grigorean, Elena Pătrăucean, Cosmina Chichiriță, Roxana Băltoi, Alexandra Diana Dan, Ionuț Urdeș, Cristinel Iordăchioaia, Biatrice Duca, Ciprian Cocalia, Claudia Martinică, Constantin Bahrin, Ștefan Deaconița, Ștefan Pintilie, Ion Macovei or Nicu Jigolea.