The Certificate


Date: 19 November 2016

Run time: one hour 30 minutes

«Today anything and anyone can become the subject of a play. There is no censorship anymore. Unfortunately, self-censorship does not work well for Romanians either. The right to free speech is perhaps the most important and consistent right won by Romanians since the revolution. We can say anything about anyone. We can swear loudly on the street, on television, on stage. Most of the time we do it in a vulgar and gratuitous manner. Vulgarity and bad taste are omnipresent. We talk about anything in every possible way, but we forget about the real issues. Poverty, corruption, bureaucracy, irresponsibility and indifference have left deep traces in the hearts of today’s ordinary Romanians. We care for useless stuff and sweep the dust under the carpet so that the world does not see the depravity of our lives. Today, perhaps more than ever, a social theatre is needed.

That form of theatre that would force society to recognize its degradation and force the nation into rebellion. Manifesto-theatre as a form of therapy.

The comedy written by Dr. Venerus Popa has that core of social revolt that peeks from behind the screen called “lampoon”. I found in the archives texts that proved to be very topical despite the passage of time and put them on music – a kind of addendum to the absurdoid text “The Certificate”.

Have I been inspired by this juxtaposition or not? I’m waiting for the public’s reaction.»

(Viorel Vârlan, director)