Directed by Toma Hogea
Premiere: December 6, 2021
Duration: one hour and 45 minutes

“Baltagul” is a modern paraphrase of “Mioriței”, if the old ballad reveals the shepherd’s attitude towards death and nature, in the novel “Baltagul”, the shepherd’s death is avenged, the crime gets its punishment, not from the society prosecutor, but from to the exponent of the people – Vitoria Lipan – who is, at the same time: a victim, a “prosecutor” and a “judge”!

Vitoria Lipan, embodies the moral beauty of the Romanian people, she is a determined and active mountaineer, with a great power of mastery, who speaks with a “voice of sweetness” or harshness. She is very attentive and with a special spirit of observation, she copes with the most confusing situations, she understands quickly, she judges solidly and she acts promptly. One of the major qualities is self-control. Although she has an intense inner life, Vitoria masters her beginnings and has manifestations appropriate to the proposed purpose. Vitoria Lipan, manages to lead the investigation against the perpetrators and manipulates the man of domination (subprefect).

Her discussion with the sub-prefect is a masterpiece of insinuation and clearly shows the superiority of this woman’s intelligence!

“Ceremonial politeness, sober and balanced gesture are manifestations of a society with a firm ethical framework, in which violent gestures, uncontrolled speech are condemned with contempt” (George Călinescu).

Vitoria Lipan has predecessors in Romanian literature: Vidra, Mrs. Chiajna, Ana from “Năpasta”, what distinguishes Vitoria from her predecessors is her moral purity. Vitoria Lipan is a skilled investigator, who leads the action not only with tact and perseverance but also with a sense of justice. She gathers evidence, verifies, judges and acts only when Bogza and Cuțui’s guilt is clear. Vitoria is more than a skilled investigator, she defends the principle of justice, the right to life, respect for friendship and the word given!

The play space must reflect the inner state of the characters: their anxieties, obsessions and worries, everything must be transposed on stage under the sign of symbols and not of imitation. The soundtrack will support every moment, mainly the road / route of Vitoria to discover the truth, all in a crescendo, culminating with the lament of Vitoria (the precipice / ravine where Nechifor Lipan is discovered) and of course, the end of the show.

Stage adaptation and Direction – Toma Hogea
Scenography – Alina Dincă Pușcașu
Music – Cari Tibor
Video design- Andrei Cozlac
Assistant director – Erica Moldovan
Alexandra Paftală – Baba Maranda
Răzvan Grosu – Gheorghiță Lipan
Cezara Fantu – Minodora Lipan
Dumitru Florescu – Calistrat Bogza, Toma Macovei
Codrin Dănilă – Priest Dănilă, Ilie Cuțui
Erica Moldovan – Maria Vasiliu
Florin Gorgos – Iorgu Vasiliu, Clerk, Thief
Alin Zara – Deputy Prefect
Dani Popa – Mitrea, Neamț
Gelu Ciobotaru – Santa Claus, the Prefect
Mara Lucaci – Thief
Mariana Dumitrache – Baba Dochia
Mălina Balcan – A woman

With the participation of the actor Teo Corban in the role of Nichifor Lipan.