Athenaeum Museum

‘A museum is the strongest arsenal with which a people defends its origin, identity and everything it inherited from its ancestors.’

Its 100-year history celebration will also mark the inauguration of the Atheneum Museum in the near future. In order to achieve this goal, we will have the support and advice of specialists from the ‘Moldova’ National Museum Complex, especially for restoring of objects that will be exhibited. This partnership began with the restoration of the original flag and will continue with the recovery of two silver objects, which are currently in the custody of the Palace of Culture. The score of the Royal March of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania, the original copy of the film of the coronation in Alba Iulia of Their Majesties King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria, a parade stiletto used during the first reign of His Majesty King Michael I, a parade sword from the reign of His Majesty King Ferdinand, a parade sword from the reign of His Majesty King Carol I, a German 737 grenade, a vintage metal telephone, an old correspondence knife, a gramophone, a typewriter, etc., are just some of the extremely valuable objects that will be housed in the Atheneum Museum.