Athenaeum in the city – 2020

In 2020, given the general rules for holding outdoor artistic events, the project was held in locations that allowed us to control the number of participants. Thanks to partnerships with the Unification Museum, Palas Iași or the ‘Agora’ Event Center, the 4th edition of the ‘Atheneum in the City’ included plays for children and adults, film screenings, recitals and other artistic events, both in the courtyards of the mentioned institutions, and in the courtyard of the Callimachi House or at the Palas Amphitheater.

Athenaeum in the city – 2019

Wanting to preserve the tradition of the month of September, we brought the theater closer to the people of Iași with the third edition of the ‘Atheneum in the City’ project.

Thus, 22 public locations were animated by the actors of the Atheneum in Iași, with theatrical performances enjoyed by over 3,000 children and adults.

Athenaeum in the city – 2018

‘Atheneum in the City’, a dear project for our entire team, which came into being in June 2017, delighted the people of Iași with a series of events, both on the city streets and in various symbolic places of the city. The project proved to be a success, with thousands of spectators present at shows such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Watch out, we’re landing!’, ‘The Proposal’ or ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

Driven by the positive reactions of the spectators from the first edition, we held the second edition of the project in September this year, a much richer edition, with 18 shows for young and old alike, in different unconventional locations in the city.

Undoubtedly, the greatest success of this project was the last premiere of the Atheneum, the play ‘A Comedy with Southerners’, directed by Ovidiu Cuncea. Our beautiful Moldovan actors took on the Southern accent for two extraordinary performances at ANL Zimbru (on Friday, 14 September, at 19h00) and in Nicolina Park (on Thursday, September 20, at 19h00). The audience enjoyed every line of every show, as the space for spectators became almost too small.

Caragiale’s characters from ‘Adventures with… Mr. Goe’, a show directed by Iulian Sandu, made their presence felt both in Gulliver Park (on Saturday, September 8, at 10h00) and in the Voivodes’ Square (on Saturday, September 15, at 10h00), to the delight of the naughty children present for the show.

The adventurous little ones were delighted by ‘Peter Pan’, a show directed by Iulian Sandu, who flew, danced and sang with the tiny lot on September 9, on the Oancea Esplanade, and on Saturday, September 22 at the Felicia Shopping Center.

In Dacia Park, on September 15, at 19h00, we played neighbors with the spectators delighted by the show ‘The Carpet’, directed by Erica Moldovan, and on the cool morning of September 16 the actors of the SO TRUPA invaded the Exhibition Park with the play ‘Clown Wanted’, directed by Ana Hegyi.

The two lovers accompanied by a violin and their efforts for a perfect ‘My First Time’ (play directed by Erica Moldovan) enjoyed the applause of a large audience in 3 different areas of the city: Municipal Swimming Pool Parking Lot (on Thursday, September 13, at 19h00), Copou Park (on Sunday, September 16, at 19h00) and on Mimoza Esplanade (on Friday, September 21, at 19h00).

The SuperExtraMega comedies ‘Marriage for… Two’, played at the Jewish Theater, on Friday, September 7, and ‘1+1=3’, near the Moldova Alleyway (on Saturday, September 8, at 19h00), amused the spectators surprised by the unique locations.

On September 27, ‘Atheneum in the City’ moves on the Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Pedestrian Street, where, in front of the Roznovanu Palace, other shows for children and adults will take place: ‘A Comedy with Southerners’ – on Thursday, September 27, at 19h00, the premiere of ‘Pajama Tops’, directed by Andrei Ciobanu – on Friday, September 28, at 19h00, ‘Peter Pan’ – on Saturday, September 29, at 11h00, ‘The Star without a Name’ directed by Andrei Ciobanu – on Saturday, September 29, at 19h00, ‘Adventures with… Mr. Goe’ – on Sunday, September 30, at 11h00.

Since any ending is a new beginning, the end of this project is actually preparing the opening of a new season. The Atheneum of Iași was founded in 1919, under the name People’s Atheneum of Tătărași, a remarkable institution for the cultural history of this city. In a desire to commemorate a century of culture, the Atheneum of Iași opens the ‘100th Anniversary Season’ through a special artistic event attended by the Great Union Choir, combined with the military music of the ‘Podu Înalt’ 15th Mechanized Brigade of Iasi.

Athenaeum in the city – 2017

The Atheneum in Iași provided the people of Iași with a series of events, both on the streets of the city and in various symbolic places in the city. The project proved to be a successful one. Thus, for the first time with such a purpose, thousands of people from Iași chose to participate in the events organized by the Athenaeum.

The first part of the ‘Athenaeum in the City’ project took place in June 2017 and involved the organization of artistic performances in different areas of the citadel.

Two plays for children, premieres at the Atheneum, were performed in unconventional locations in the city: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Peter Pan’, both directed by Iulian Sandu. The people of Iași were also surprised by the premieres of ‘Watch out, we’re landing!’, directed by Daniel Onoae, ‘The Proposal’, directed by Radu Ghilaș, and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

‘The job of art is to reveal the relationship between man and his surroundings.’

The Atheneum continued to perform plays in the historical theaters of Romania. Our actors played on the location of the first Jewish Theater in the world.

All our performances have been greatly appreciated so far, being attended by more than 5,000 spectators in total, which confirms the public’s desire to have access to outdoor shows.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ electrified the audience at the Palas Amphitheater.

The ‘Dumitru Grumăzescu’ Antique Galleries hosted the theatrical adaptation of Mihai Eminescu’s letters to Veronica Micle, in the play ‘Secret Love’, directed by Andrei Ciobanu

The premiere of the play ‘My First Time’, directed by Erica Moldovan – a sparkling comedy, played in the Foyer of the Victoria Cinema.

‘Păcală and Tândală’ met in the Foyer of the Victoria Cinema.

‘Marriage for Two’, directed by Andrei Ciobanu, the comedy that brought back the smiles in the ‘Republica’ Cinema.

The play ‘Peter Pan’, directed by Iulian Sandu, took the people of Iași who were present in the Voivodes’ Square, in the Alexandru cel Bun neighborhood, in front of the Dacia Cinema, through the magical world of the Land of Nowhere.