Artists’ Chapel

The National Atheneum in Iași is the first cultural institution in Romania to have its own chapel, dedicated to artists, employees, but also visitors to the institution. The Atheneum Chapel, consecrates to the Holy Martyr Philemon, the patron saint of actors and performers, and to Saint Cecilia, the protector of musicians, composers, singers, violinists and poets, is intended to be a place of peace and meditation for our employees and collaborators.

From an architectural point of view, the Chapel reminds of the church of the Romanian village from 1900. It is built of wood from a house from 100 years ago, adorned with equally old elements, gathered from all corners of Greater Romania.
The chapel has very small dimensions (9 sqm). It is not a church proper, because it does not have a Holy Table for the Holy Mass, but it is a place of prayer for artists, employees, but also visitors to the Athenaeum in Iasi.

The consecration of the chapel of the Athenaeum in Iași took place on 23 May 2019 and was officiated by a council of priests and deacons, led by His Eminence Father Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bucovina.

After the consecration service, Andrei Apreotesei, Manager of the National Athenaeum in Iași, was awarded the “Cross of the Holy Hierarch Dosoftei”.