AMADEUS by Peter Shaffer, directed by Toma Enache! CLAUDIU BLEONȚ as Antonio Salieri!

It is a confessional show full of humor and drama, full of color and light, all shrouded in the sublime music of Wolgang Amadeus Mozart. A unique play about a unique character. On the chords of Mozart’s music, his rival Antonio Salieri returns to life to sincerely confess his misdeeds, intrigues, suffering… “Why Mozart and not me?” Salieri wonders.

He wants us to understand that it was impossible for him to accept that Mozart was the “flute” over which God chose to pour out his grace, making him sing unparalleled music with ease, joy, and “without corrections.” “Through this show I propose a meeting of the profane with the divine in Mozart’s music. A meeting of the grace of an exceptional actor Claudiu Bleont with the energy and talent of young actors from Iași. An encounter of light purity with the music in us and in this whole game, let’s imagine that we are Mozart and Salieri in turn, and in the end let’s admit that both exist in each of us. Always! ”, Said the director Toma Enache.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Codrin Dănilă Costanze Weber: Erica Moldovan Venticelli: Florin Gorgos, Gelu Ciobotaru, Alin Zară, Răzvan Grosu, Mara Lucaci, Ioana Aciobăniței, Mariana Dumitrache, Mălina Balcan, Patricia Iacob, Ioana Sună Joseph II, Emperor of Austria / Father: Dumitru Florescu Count Von Strack / Phantom: Răzvan Grosu Orsini-Rosenberg – Opera Director: Alexandra Paftală Baron von Swieten: Alin Zara Caterina Cavalieri: Mălina Balcan Tereza Salieri: Ioana Sună Directed by Toma Enache Assistant director: Erica Moldovan Costumes: Alina Dincă-Pușcașu Set design: Cătălin Târziu Screenings: Silviu Apostol Stage Movement: Cristina Todi Violin: Patricia Iacob Technical direction: Alexandru Amargheoalei