In 2019, the National Atheneum in Iași implemented another project designed to improve our city’s image – ‘Adopt a lime tree’. The initiative was aimed to raise awareness among the people of Iași who were asked to adopt 100 lime trees, i.e. to buy, plant and care for them wherever needed, the symbolic figure marking the 100th anniversary of the Atheneum of Iași. The project was highly popular, its success being proven by the results of online fundraising campaign and by the volunteers who helped materialize the initiative.

Adopt a lime tree – 2nd edition

Given the success of the project in 2019 and also to a view at improving the image of our city, the National Atheneum in Iași organized the ‘Adopt two lime trees’ project.

As a sign of appreciation for those who supported the ‘Adopt a lime tree’ campaign started in 2019 and also for those who contributed to the creation of the Atheneum in Iași, each lime tree bears the name of the person who planted it. Thus, the ‘Constantin Ifrim’ lime tree, the ‘Iasi-Vienna Twinning’ lime tree, the ‘Municipal Museum’ lime tree or the ‘Oana Pellea’ lime tree are symbols of the involvement of community members and public institutions in beautifying our city.